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Many are wondering what this terminology mean. It is one of the many life lessons my mother use to say to me as I was growing up. Some have heard this expression before but many have not. Tell you a little story, as I went through elementary school throughout high school, I encountered many many bullying moments mainly through grade school. As I got older and progressed to high school the bullying stopped but the girls disliking me did not. A timid young lady who wore her feelings on her sleeve would always come home from time to time sad. I could never understand why girls would have a problem with me simply because they would say she thinks she cute, lol. Wow how simpleminded, in still not knowing what that meant back in the day. My mother on the other hand was from a different breed and didn't play the radio, so she would always say to me ''You better get a little grit in your craw and don't pay these girls any mind". Well as I have come to gain knowledge of what that meant, she simply was saying toughen up and don't let nobody run over me. Craw is the neck part of a chicken and on a farm they would rub it in the grit/gravel to make the skin tough enough to hold or pocket their food there. Get it now? I hope that you do, because this is what MamaNukSays!

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